RAW Feeding Guide

Too much bone will cause constipation and could lead to impaction.

You may like to add vegetables and/or fruit to your dog’s raw diet.  This does no harm but is not essential.


Puppy Feeding Amounts Per Body Weight:

    •  1-2  Months  10% of present body weight per day. 
    •  2-3  Months   9%
    •  3-4  Months   8%
    •  4-6  Months   6%
    •  6-9  Months   4%
    •  9-12 Months  3%
    • 12 Months + feed as adults 2-3%

This is only a guide as all dogs are different & may vary based on individual RAW brands.

Simply take your puppy/dogs weight X shared by 100 = X then times it by the % above for there age will give you grams/Kg recommended.  

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