Why RAW?

The first question we should ask "Is our dog and/or cat a carnivore?" The simple answer is yes. Dogs and cats have evolved to eat meat and bone. The structure of their jaws, their teeth and their digestive system have not changed at all since the days that they would hunt and scavenge for their food which is why it makes sense to continue to feed them raw meat and bone, just as nature intended.

Feeding a raw diet (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food diet "BARF") to your dog and/or cat will help ensure that they are getting all the vital vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will keep them fit and healthy.

Just some of the health benefits that our customers tell us come from feeding a raw diet:

Lots of energy - Shiny coat - Healthy digestion and bowels - Healthy skin - Fresher breath

Dense muscle structure - Strong bones, teeth and joints - More resilient immune system

Amazing selection of raw food

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